A New Life in Tempe  

Although I began my 26th year still living in the city that molded the first quarter-century of my life, my life already felt different. After two bittersweet election years, I had resolved to find a way to impact the world beyond politics. My first step involved finding a new professional role that utilized my strengths and changed lives without being overtly political.

View of Tempe from Papago Park

The Joy of Creation  

A few months prior, I made a small web application to keep track of ping pong games for my coworkers at Oscar Health. Even though it was a trivial side project, and I was an inexperienced coder, I felt exhilarated when my peers started using the app. Even as I moved on to the CSOs, I kept tinkering. By early Summer, I decided to become a developer.

Fullstack Academy  

They don't call it a bootcamp for nothing - I worked full days almost every day of the week for four months just to keep up with the curriculum. I developed a new stress wrinkle on my cheek that still hasn't faded. Even still, I enjoyed being a student more than I ever have before. It was project-based learning, and I was surrounded by extremely bright peers all working toward the same goal.

Coding at Elevated Acres

The ABCs  

I try to live by the programmer credo: 'Always Be Coding'. As a student, I helped build simplified versions of Twitter, Wikipedia, Spotify, and Amazon. My group capstone project was a Chrome extension that helps people practice coding on Youtube. I've also built an action for Google Assistant, a Microsoft VSCode extension, and a handful of professional and personal websites (like this one). My favorite work-in-progress is a podcast player and recommendation engine.

  • Twitter clone
  • Wikipedia clone
  • Spotify clone
  • Chrome extension
  • Visual Studio Code extension
  • Open source contributions

My NYC Family  

Erin has been thriving in her Masters program. Truman and Eleanor love all the New York smells and nearby parks, though I'm sure Truman misses Arizona hiking. We've seen half a dozen Broadway shows, and the dogs and I experienced our first snowy winter.

My Family, Extended  

I'm also grateful for the many friends and family members who brought joy to my life this past year.

Always Learning  

The process of reinventing myself reawakened my love for learning in general. I began reading books at a pace I haven't matched since my early teens. I listened to an average of two hours of podcasts per day, and I attended dozens of technical meetups in AZ and NYC.

Looking Ahead  

Now I begin another new chapter: the job search. I'm not sure where I'm going to end up, but I know I want to work on difficult challenges with other intelligent developers in NYC. I want to continue building useful tools, exploring new ideas, meeting people who are making a dent in the universe, and loving Erin and the doggos. If you know anyone who you'd like to connect with me, let me know!

Selfie at WeWork

Stay Connected

Twitter, Github, and LinkedIn are good places to keep track of my professional life. Goodreads is my public database of the books I've read and want to read. Instagram is mostly for dog pictures. You can also sign up for vanishingly rare email updates from me.